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16th November 2017

Sergio’s visit to mamaLita

Sergio Della Sala, current CEO of the mamaLita project visited the premises in Malawi in October 2017. He was really impressed by the progresses made in […]
16th November 2017

Isabella’s visit to mamaLita

Isabella, Sergio’s daughter, also visited mamaLita in October 2017. She just keeps saying “I want to go back”.              
13th June 2017

Training in the Summer heat!

Not even the summer heat can stop our kids! Look at them while they do their PE class singing and dancing… and there is some good […]
17th May 2017

Our trip to the farm

It’s spring time and mamaLita took the pupils of the centre to the farm to see all the newborn animals. What an amazing experience for our little kids, […]
13th April 2017

All set for the Easter break!

5th April 2017

It’s music time…

It’s music time at mamaLita and some of our little ones are surely enjoying it. Drum roll, please!    
17th March 2017

Again about exams…

1st March 2017

mamaLita passed the exam!

9th February 2017

Good morning from mamaLita!

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