Why mamaLita?

Our school is part of the Alleluya Care Centre premises which is run by Rita Milesi, an Italian national who has been living in Malawi for over 40 years. She has been looking after vulnerable children and gained a rock solid reputation in the whole country. She is the woman with the hat in the video. She is locally known as “mamma Rita” which in the local pronunciation becomes “mama Lita”, hence “mamaLita” as the chosen name for our school. In 2015, Rita was calling for help to set up a school within her premises. Carlo Perrotta, then Italian Consul in the UK responded seeking the help of a few Italian nationals based in Scotland, which has strong links to Malawi. The Italian Scottish community then called other people from the UK and from Italy to help, and the project has now become reality.

mamaLita Centre Map

1. Orphans care centre (0-2 years old)

2. Orphans care centre (2-3 years old)

3. mamaLita pre-school establishment

4. Teachers and staff training facility

5. Accommodation

6. Warehouse, garage, kitchen, laundry and other facilities

7. Livestock

8. Crop

9. A local convenience store run by Alleluya

News from mamaLita School

16th November 2017

Sergio’s visit to mamaLita

Sergio Della Sala, current CEO of the mamaLita project visited the premises in Malawi in October 2017. He was really impressed by the progresses made in […]
16th November 2017

Isabella’s visit to mamaLita

Isabella, Sergio’s daughter, also visited mamaLita in October 2017. She just keeps saying “I want to go back”.              
13th June 2017

Training in the Summer heat!

Not even the summer heat can stop our kids! Look at them while they do their PE class singing and dancing… and there is some good […]
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